Lip Enhancement

Don’t Let Ageing Skin Ruin Your Beautiful Smile

Are you unhappy with the shape or definition of your lips? Have you noticed your lips losing volume as you grow older and feel that they’re giving away your age? Perhaps you have noticeable smokers’ lines that make you feel dissatisfied with your appearance?

Our lips move a lot which makes the mouth area prone to fine lines and wrinkles because our facial muscles are constantly working. As we grow older, our lips tend to lose volume and definition too, whereas well-defined, fuller lips are associated with youth.

If you would like fuller lips, want to replace lost volume or you have a lip abnormality and would like your lips to look more balanced, then there are several different lip enhancement techniques and treatment options that could make a real difference to your appearance.

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Lip enhancement Frequently Asked Questions

Lip enhancement treatment is quick and simple. We find the most effective results come from using temporary hyaluronic acid fillers, such as Juvederm. Using fine cannulas, we are able to inject hyaluronic acid into targeted areas to restore lost volume.

We are also able to improve the definition and subtly enhance the ‘cupid’s bow’ shape of your lips by injecting hyaluronic acid fillers into the philtrum – these are the lines that go from your upper lip to your nose.

You’ve probably noticed that younger people tend to have clearly defined vermillion lines/borders – this is the line that edges your lips (also known as ‘lip lines’). Unfortunately, the vermillion border is like an inner tube that flattens over time. Using skin fillers, we can sculpt and add contour and definition to this line, giving you a much younger appearance. This can help stop lipstick bleeding into the fine lines on your upper lip.

We use the same principles to treat lip abnormalities and a noticeable imbalance of your upper or lower lip, for example.

Smokers’ lines are small vertical lines around the lips that most commonly, although not exclusively, affect smokers. Typically, they are caused by the harmful effects of smoking and because the smoker is constantly pressing their lips together around a cigarette when they smoke. They can also be due to loss of facial volume.

Skin fillers can be used to restore the lost volume around your lips and smooth away these tell-tale lines.

You will find extensive information about skin fillers on our dedicated Skin Fillers page. Using temporary hyaluronic acid fillers, the results of your lip enhancements can last for up to a year or more.

We are all too aware that this treatment is often offered by poorly trained individuals in a non-clinical setting and often without sound ethical principles underlying their business model.

Unfortunately, many of us may have come across pictures of ‘botched’ treatments. Celebrity websites feature galleries of the rich and famous with their overfilled lips and cheeks, and permanently surprised expressions. It is this fear that holds many back from receiving this treatment.

We very much view these cases as extreme and disfiguring over-treatments that are not reflective of the beautiful enhancements skin fillers can achieve in the right hands. Unquestionably, our focus is on achieving natural results by restoring volume loss in facial compartments, which is a natural occurrence in ageing. We want you to leave your treatment looking refreshed, rejuvenated and subtly enhanced, rather than unrecognisable and overblown.

We also want you to feel safe knowing that you are being treated by a highly qualify and extensively experienced doctor in a clinical setting that is regulated by the Care Quality Commission.

We understand that, in many ways, choosing the right doctor to administer your treatment is a leap of faith. We are delighted that so many patients have been returning to us for treatment over a period of years. It’s also a massive vote of confidence that they recommend us to their friends and family too.

We offer the initial free consultation so that you can come into one of our friendly clinics and ask questions, get to know us and we can build the trust that is an important component of any medical or cosmetic treatment.

The cost of your treatment will depend on your individual case, as we may need to inject several areas with skin fillers or may recommend a combination of treatments. You are welcome to book a free, no-obligation initial consultation to discuss your treatment options and pricing in depth.